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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Too soon? Or right on time?

After waiting almost a decade it's interesting to see all the satire come back in a flash. With everything else going on in the world; hearing Osama had been found and killed was the last thing I expected. Maybe you can program a quick sequel to this staring a member of Team Six?

And @ Twin Demon, we know not ALL muslims are killers, but the fact is, there are extremists out there who are, and they do so in the name of Allah whether it's right or not. It's the same in we know not all Asian people are bad drivers, not all Black people will trample an old lady for a piece of fried chicken, and not all white people are inbred racist hicks. Fact is, there ARE people who perpetuate negative aspects of all groups, religious or otherwise, and if you can't laugh it off, you end up becoming one of them.

GroggyLobster responds:

I'm european, so for me it was an eventful week: first we got the "dream wedding" of kate and william and then the world's most infamous terrorist got killed. what can you want more?