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Status update.

2010-05-23 15:54:22 by Senseidave37

Haven't really made an update since I signed up and started putting my garbage on the site, lol mostly cause I figure nobody cares, but if anybody's good at talking to dead space It'd be me, and for anybody who actually is bored enough to sit and read this, I'm sorry, buy a paddle ball.

I've since got my new computer up and running, done a few art projects, mostly in Photoshop Elements, cause I'm broke, and unable to get any student discounts for Adobe stuff, but by fall, who knows.

Currently attending class for something completly different, and in what little free time I have working on retolling one of my books into a Graphic Novel/ Comic book. So yeah, asfar as NG stuff is concerned, that's where we're at. And I'd like to thank CloudEater for giving me a scout for the Art Portal. Here's to random encounters.

Rocked by Data Xfer

2010-02-13 10:16:47 by Senseidave37

So angry. I finally got myself a new computer, but when doing the data transfer for files from my old HD, my Adobe photoshop didnt xfer over, and now, I can't find the disc it was on. No new art from me for a while. Insert sad panda icon.


2010-01-17 00:20:00 by Senseidave37

Talk about lazy. I've been a viewer of Newgrounds for more than seven years now and I'm just now setting up an account. BTW, what is this interweb I keep hearing about? Hello digital homies!